Thursday, January 17, 2008


* I never get tired of the view of the city from the Manhattan bridge

* I love marzipan

* TV is trash

* Having windows in one's bedroom is under-rated

* Always carry a pen and paper with you

* Why is it so hard to find a good pastry in the city?

* I hate the C train

* Sleeping is SO great

* I don't like to be touched by most people

* The following words should be removed from the dictionary and banned forever:

1 comment:

Di Mackey said...

moist ... lol, did you see 'Dead Like Me' on tv?

Marzipan ... oh noooooooooo, you got Belgianed!!!!

'Hara does too.

We've had to explain that Michelle and Veronica are moving back to where Shannon is ... sigh, poor us. We did say that Shannon would come stay with us one day, you kid legend you!!

Failing that, I hope to come your way sometime in the next few years xx