Thursday, January 17, 2008


* I never get tired of the view of the city from the Manhattan bridge

* I love marzipan

* TV is trash

* Having windows in one's bedroom is under-rated

* Always carry a pen and paper with you

* Why is it so hard to find a good pastry in the city?

* I hate the C train

* Sleeping is SO great

* I don't like to be touched by most people

* The following words should be removed from the dictionary and banned forever:

Monday, January 7, 2008

a test

My bachelorette lifestyle has begun to take a toll on me. I sustain myself on a steady diet of Wasa, PB & J, and cereal or on dining out. My trips to the supermarket are far and few between, which on the flip side forces me to be resourceful and make something out of nothing sometimes.

The holidays were a bum rush of fat laden gravy, potatoes, pies, and booze, and now it's January and I think I need a break.

For the next 30 days, I'm going to impose a strict regimen on myself.. I haven't worked out the details, since I just decided this moments ago in the shower, but it will be something like this:

For 30 days:

no meat products
no alcohol
no processed foods/drinks

I will eat only raw fruits and veggies, Greek yogurt, water, tea, fresh squeezed juice, and the one guilty pleasure I won't deny myself will be my daily cappuccino at work. Do you think oatmeal is acceptable? hrmm.. will decide on that one.

Can I do it? Will I go crazy? Will I kill someone, or myself? Will I fall off the wagon and eat a burger while drinking a bottle of bourbon? Time will tell.

Tomorrow I shop... Wednesday I detox


Ik hou van muziek

I've been trying to keep up on the music scene a bit more lately.. I got an external hard drive for Christmas and I was finally able to upload all of the music I've been storing away on DVDs since I traded my desktop for a laptop. I borrowed some CDs from my friend the other night.. had the chance to check out some new bands and some new albums... oh, and a huge bit of excitement for me was updating my ipod, which has had the same songs on it for over a year now. What a relief! I've been rocking out to old Sonic Youth tunes all week...

I've also been looking around to see who's playing in the city. Since I got back to the states, I've only been to two shows.. Feist and Elysian Fields. That seems kinda lame, since I'm here and bands are playing somewhere every day. So I bought tickets to see Cat Power next Month, which I'm excited about. I saw her twice in Belgium, and I really enjoyed the shows, so this should be a lot of fun. The Rosebuds are playing next week in Hoboken. It's been cool checking out venues that I've never been to, like McCarren Pool and Joe's Pub, yet another plus to getting out and doing things.

Music is a huge part of my life and it feels good to be getting back into it. I'm always put off by people who aren't into music.. people who don't listen to music seem creepy, don't they?

oh lazy Sunday

Well my three part cultural weekend extravaganza was derailed. On Saturday, I managed to see Persepolis, which was just as lovely as the first time I saw it, although having English subtitles this time was a treat because my brain didn't hurt afterwards...

Today I was woken up by a series of sms messages.. confirming plans, messages of encouragement for me to get out of bed from hungry friends in Harlem. So, I hopped the metro and met up with them at Toast. It's a very cute little place just off the 125th st. stop with tasty food and drinkies (although I can't say much for their web designer)...

What began as a plan to meet up with friends, eat, chat, and drink A (indicating the idea of a single drink) bloody mary ended up being a 2 hour free for all. A plate of pain perdue with a side of bacon, a bottomless mug of coffee, a bit of cheesecake, 2 bloody marys, and a manhattan later... I ended up blowing off my plans for cultural adventure and headed back to my friend's apartment for couch loafing, Sierra Nevadas, Amy's pizza, and 2 episodes of the L Word. I would like to think that my experience was still very cultural after all... I'll call it, "urban, 30 something American culture".

Sundays are sweet :)

Saturday, January 5, 2008

multimedia weekend adventures

This weekend I'm set to spend some QT with friends and loved ones, which is something I really look forward to. I'm taking a friend to see one of my favorite movies, Persepolis I can't wait. I'm hitting up the Guggenheim to see Richard Prince: Spiritual America Something I've really been looking forward to... And maybe in there somewhere will be a trip to the theatre to see Sweeney Todd, because I am a huge Tim Burton fan. Triple bonus, not only do I enjoy his films, but Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter are two of my favorite actors.

I'll be squeezing in a Sunday brunch, some nap time, and a cocktail or three... :P
Stay tuned for a review of my weekend extravaganza of multimedia cultural explorations!

music makes life ok

I hate to say something like that, because I know it isn't always the case, but when I walk out my door with my ipod on, my walk to the subway is pretty good... and at the end of a long night, when I'm exhausted and I just want to get home.. I find myself waiting on the platform for 20 minutes watching people, listening to a favorite song.. and I get lost in that. Experiencing moments in life to a "soundtrack" can make the most arbitrary things seem a little more meaningful :)

p.s. Be warned, listening to depressing music may have the opposite effect