Tuesday, February 26, 2008


So, I always hear about these expensive training courses that people take in order to become a licensed real estate broker. I don't know if that requirement is based on selling properties or what, but these are a few of the photos that I've seen while looking for an apartment for rent, and I can't believe that anyone with training could take these and post them. The first thing that I have to ask myself is, don't these people actually want to rent the property out? Isn't that how they make their money? How do these photos entice those in search of new digs to hop on the subway and race to be the first to "snatch up" this deal that "won't last" because it's a "one of a kind" and "below market value".... scratches head*

Is that wallpaper?!


Dungeon for rent?
By the way, the heading on this one was "upscale".

Wow, can't you see yourself having a BBQ off to the left,
and maybe a patio table somewhere in the over growth?

I don't even have to think of something to say about this.

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