Thursday, February 28, 2008

I'm not running for President, but...

I have struggled with the current political debates and people asking one another, "Who are you voting for?" Mainly, my discomfort is due to the fact that I don't want to vote for Mc Cain, Obama, or Clinton. I would have a difficult time choosing any of them. That answer is a difficult for some in a city that's teeming with die hard Obama fans, and I am left feeling out of the loop, and quite lonely.

I've poked my nose into an article here and there to see what's going on, but I just can't bring myself to watch the debates and the news with all of these "projected" wins, and political analysts bickering back and forth on a split screen.

It's been years since I've really embraced anyone in politics and if anything, I completely reject our political and social system as I think it's faulty and I can't see how anything is going to improve without major changes.

Last night I read an article in the NY Times written by Mayor Bloomberg. I can't believe how refreshing it was to read his words and think to myself, wow, for the first time, here's a man who's saying things that I've been saying for a long time.

He writes, " The changes needed in this country are straightforward enough, but there are always partisan reasons to take an easy way out. There are always special interests that will fight against any challenge to the status quo. And there are always those who will worry more about their next election than the health of our country. These forces that prevent meaningful progress are powerful, and they exist in both parties."

This article also made me so depressed, because Michael Bloomberg is not going to run in this election... and it's such a shame, because we really need something or someone to stop the giant machine that we have holding us back while other global economies thrive and move towards more progressive environmental standards. This country is a mess.

In other words, mayor Bloomberg's words have filled me with hope and despair all at once.

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