Thursday, August 14, 2008

a sharp decline

There are many different kinds of days; good days, bad days, lazy days, hectic days, sad days... the list goes on. Sometimes you wake up late, stub your toe, slip in the shower and the rest of the day goes like that- you expect it and you thrive on each misfortune as it comes your way. It fuels your hatred for mankind and almost makes you high with misanthropy. Then there's the sneaky day.. the one that starts off pretty good, a hot cup of coffee in your jammies, freshly shaven legs, blue skies, no work... and then ONE seemingly insignificant thing happens that catches you off guard and everything goes to shit in a series of events leading to a downward spiral of frustrating misery and self pity. Since the beginning of the day was so great, you're in a state of disbelief as one wrong train (that sets you back 40 minutes) is followed by a missed train, that you watch pull away knowing that you'll be waiting for 20 minutes, outside at night, while you're eaten alive by blood sucking insects. Then when you get home (an hour and a half later than you would have if the day hadn't turned on you) you're starving, so you make dinner, and pour some stress relieving wine for yourself and then just when you think you're ready to settle down for the night, you take your dinner out of the oven and sprinkle it with Pecorino Romano, and then realize that it's spoiled and has now melted it's foulness into your dinner, rendering it inedible.

Such is my life.

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