Sunday, December 21, 2008

Home Design of the Year 2008 Edition

I spend a lot of time reading design blogs and websites, shamefully perhaps far more than I do reading the newspaper. Surely I appreciate a lot of what I see.. interiors, architecture, furniture, art, green concepts; but the other day when I opened Desire to Inspire, I broke into a sweat.

The Wheatsheaf House is hands down the most beautiful space I've seen this year. As a matter of fact, starting right now, I am going to have a best of the year list, and this is my sole inspiration.

Wheatsheaf House - I love you!

What I can't get over is the luminous, sexy, humming, toasty amber warmth that emanates from this house is stained plywood! The simplicity of this design is what makes it so stunning, and the juxtaposition of it against such a barren natural landscape leaves me dazed and giddy. This is a design based on feeling really good without being complicated. The only thing missing for me, is the mention of whether this build includes any green or sustainable technologies.

I need to move to the woods and live in a house like this (my version would have a catch basin for rainwater and solar energy :P)

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