Sunday, January 25, 2009

as if you needed another reason to garbage pick!

I like the idea of repurposing things. Often people cast aside old furniture, and if you're a garbage picker like me, you've reluctantly passed up quite a few cool items, usually because they're broken. What if you grabbed the drawers, or the hardware even? Here are 2 examples of finding a way to use those items.

Okay, I could certainly do without the scary decapitated cherubs and the random clove of garlic (bad stylist in full effect here folks...) but - the floating box is a super cool idea.

I think the idea is stunning and if you were the one to find all of the pieces, then you'd not only have a one of a kind, you'd surely have different memories while collecting each piece along the way. If you have some degree of skill with a hammer and tools, I think this could be made. Maybe I'm full of crap though.. anyone with skills want to comment here and tell me if this would be difficult to build? I assume you'd remove the face of the original drawers and attach them to drawer backs that are all the same depth, so the piece could be functional.... thoughts?


Dean said...

I'm pretty sure that I could "rustle up" a wobbly version ;)

Mlle said...

yah it would be funny to see your technique here...