Saturday, January 24, 2009


ahhh well, life is like a box of chocolates.. heh. Well mine is anyway. So today I wanted to head out on my own, but the powers that be decided that it was not in my cards. My roommate decided to go to the sauna last night just so that we could do something fun today, sooo.. okay, I'm a good(ish) friend, and didn't want to disappoint.

Instead of our original plan to head to Rotterdam, we decided to keep expectations low, and start the day with a coffee at de Poort (sorry M) - I will say, this coffee was not as lovely as the one pictured in an earlier post - and if I'm looking for a reason to complain, they've installed 2 new lamps, and I hate them with a passion..

Afterward, I wandered off in search of a bead shop.. I don't think Leiden has one, and if they do, sadly I did not find it. I did however, find my way to Hema, where I bought several small useless items - because I'm like that.

My roomie and I have sort of started this weekend bike outing thing, well this was week 2, and today we decided to head to a different area of the city than last time. It was great to get out and feel fresh air, to see new places, and to rationalize that I can now live with myself for skipping kick boxing today. :)

Okay, so I'm off to shower and then we have dinner plans. Apparently there's this pizza place that has amazing pizza and shitty service, so I'm excited for that. If the service is REALLY bad, maybe I'll bitch about it later.

The day isn't over yet, but, I have to admit that staying in Leiden today has been nice :) Now tomorrow.. that's another story...

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Dean said...

amazing food. Pretty good service. It was a really nice fun eve, only made better by Sami mishearing the cheese talk! :)