Tuesday, January 20, 2009

critiques are fun when they aren't directed at you

These lamps really annoy me. They get so much hype, and for what? This lamp, for example, is providing task lighting over the coffee table, where as it appears, no tasking is performed. Aside from the fact that perhaps I am too worried about functional lighting, because hey, I know, lighting and decor are not always for function.. if you were a tall person, operating on a daily basis in this space would be silly. You'd have to bend down or worry about being bonked in the head while carrying a cup of coffee to the couch.. so I think, that this lamp is not only annoying, it's potentially hazardous, and while I'm being honest.. it makes me yawn. (and the coffee table.. with its staged books and candles... blegh :P)

via desire to inspire


tabbycat said...

I like to curve and sweep of these lamps. I think the space could be lit in an intimate and cool way with the light this lamp gives.

Anonymous said...

i love that style of lamp, but that's probably because i associate it with my grandparents who had one for decades before they became cool (again).

that said, i can see the placement is off here. i think you should only use these to hover over your favorite reading spot in the corner of a sofa or over a nice big chair.

Mlle said...

I agree, this lamp does bring back memories, and if placed different, could be cooler. I like the reading spot idea for sure. Good suggestion Mieke... I am now downgrading the level of annoyance that I feel for this lamp.