Saturday, January 10, 2009

fun in the kitchen!

Another night, another meal. Last night I made stuffed peppers, a recipe favorite from "Essential Middle Eastern Cooking." It's pretty easy, healthy and aromatic for sure, with mint and cinnamon spices. yum!

After you clean the peppers, you boil them for 5 min. and set aside. You prepare the meat by first cooking both onions in the o.o. for 5 min. Add meat and brown. Add garlic, peas, rice, herbs and spices, 1/5 lemon juice, tom. puree, and season with s + p. The mixture then goes into the peppers, and they go into a pot with the tomatoes. Before simmering, add a knob of butter and the remaining lemon juice to the sauce. Lid it, and go relax for 45 min.

This dish can be made with lamb, as it calls for, or with ground turkey, beef, a mixture, and even vegetarian soy crumbles.

On the side, I prepared a yogurt, which is basically plain yogurt, paprika, onion, parsley, cucumber, salt and pepper. Just add to taste. This ends up blending with the tomatoes perfectly, and adds a zesty bite to the already savory flavors.

I also recommend serving this with naan or a flat bread.

(notice how my cooking partner has set the cutlery.... )

serves 6

6 mixed peppers
2 tbsp o.o.
1 onion, chopped
3 spring onions, chopped
250 g meat
garlic (as you like)
50 g yellow peas
75 g rice (cooked)
30 ml parley/mint/chive
1 tsp cinn.
juice from 2 lemons
30 ml tom puree
400 g chop. tom.
s + p

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Dean said...

I feel so ashamed seeing the cutlery like that. What on earth was I thinking?! How on earth did the fork end up facing the wrong way?!

The meal was really nice, and deceptively very filling.