Sunday, January 25, 2009

I had this really weird dream

I was driving in this black sporty type car with some guy, and we stopped on the highway and walked up to this overpass. Then this girl I know was there, and I have no idea what we were doing.. but then we walked back down to the road, and the car was stolen! All of a sudden, I was saying, "Oh my god! Someone stole my dad's car!!" I wanted to call the police.. I kept digging into my pants pockets for my Blackberry, but I was pulling all of these other cell phones out.. and they were all broken... finally I found mine, and it was broken too.. my hands were shaking and the guy I was with grabbed the phone from me and started fixing it.

Some other guy came over and said, "I saw the guy who took your car." He pulled his own car over and told us to get in. So the guy I was with got in the passenger seat, and the other guy started driving. I was getting into the back seat, but then I turned into my cousin, and I actually ran next to the car... so all of a sudden, I was running down the highway on my own, and at this bend, I saw a truck flip over. It was full of hay bales.. apparently there was a traffic jam, and the truck sped out of control because it couldn't stop. Some other truck had problems too, and a mattress fell out, and knocked my phone down from my hand... so it broke again, and I said something like, "What the f@#k!?" and picked it up.

All of a sudden, I saw the car with the guy who stole it. He was stuck in the traffic. I ran up to the car and jumped through the open window before he could drive away and from the passenger seat, I started punching him in the face! It was crazy... I was punching him reallly hard, I think to stun him so he couldn't hurt me. I remember thinking, maybe he has a weapon.. so I opened the door to the car, and kicked him out into the street, rolled up the window and locked the doors.

Then I woke up. My heart was pounding and my stomach was in knots.

Soo... weird dream. There's a lot more that happened before this scene unfolded - but it's too weird to include.

In fact there is so much that I remember, that it made me think about how when you're sleeping, supposedly, dreams are just flashes in your brain that last minutes. This dream was so detailed and drawn out, I feel like it must have lasted a lot longer. I wish dreams could be taped and watched when you wake up.

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