Thursday, January 29, 2009

sleep deprivation

Yah.. so I barely slept last night. I hit the sheets around 2 am, and woke up 3 hours later. At 7, I decided to give up and get out of bed. I made a big breakfast and finished this tutorial from Spoono which had been pissing me off only several hours earlier. To be fair, this was pretty easy to follow, with some good tips for keyboard shortcuts... all I'll say is this: Liquify is f@#%ing hard to use. After failing miserably at replicating the reflection, I tried to be innovative and do it on my own. Sadly, that also ended in failure. Fortunately, after my nap and some eggs, I was able to revisit this with a bit of patience, and I guess I'm OK with the results.

So here's my orb. It's riveting, I know.

here's the example from the tutorial

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