Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Yes! When I saw these shelves, I had flashbacks of my teenage years in the arcade. They retail at around 3,500 USD. I think if you were feeling creative, you could certainly make some interesting shapes with this.

Because I'm super cheap, I'm also wondering how difficult it would be to make this. I'm not entirely sure about the joints.. as in how they'd be secure under heavy weight.. so if you know what you're doing.. go ahead and make your own. I've included the measurements.

Images from: Design Public


Dean said...

I loved the shelving unit that we saw in that store in Brooklyn. You've already seen my woodwork skills on display, with the shoe rack, so this may be a tad out of my expertise.... you're on your own!!

Mlle said...

Well.. I don't even know if this would fit in your house... but thanks for the household "team" support. :(