Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Bueller.... Bueller....

Took this at the grocery store in Clinton Hill, NY back in 2005. When I moved back there in 2007, it was still there. Apparently, it wasn't an accident.

So, question of the day:
Just what is KNORK?


A to the B said...

why don't YOU google knork? you only had three years to do so! the real question is: why are knorks with juices?

Mlle said...

Yes smart ass you're right. Well I did look it up. I don't know why this particular item received its own end of aisle label... Especially when the general public doesn't know WTF it is.
Hybrid cutlery... Its a SPORK folks- and you know what, if the aisle read "sporks" people would always remember that the Associated grocery store on DeKalb Ave has them. Fin.