Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I've heard recently that in the US, they're going to stop making pennies, because the coin is actually more expensive than what it's worth. Go America!

My experiences in Belgium and the Netherlands are that a lot of cashiers don't want to take your 1 cent coins, and sometimes, they don't even want the 5 cents either. I've been left somewhat confused by that, since it is actually considered to be a part of the monetary system here... but what do I know?

So look, if you live in the US, or in Europe, or if you just happen to have a huge mass of mixed out of circulation coins (make sure they're not valuable!), this is a fantastic way to use them - and - you don't have to pay for tiles... so you also save some money for more important things. Like wine for example.

See how smart I am?

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