Sunday, February 15, 2009


I don't remember how I came upon ISO50, but I ended up scoring on two levels. Initially, I found this band called Tycho. I would say that the music is sort of like Boards of Canada, BUT I'm writing this because while Tycho is pretty cool, even better is the artistic style of Scott Hansen, the guy behind both the band and ISO50.
What I find most impressive is that Hansen has created a strong identity across all of his sites that is relevant to his style in print, logo design, and even his photography, all of which have a retro-organic quality.
He sells amazing prints, t-shirts, and some other odds and ends at the ISO50 shop. He also has an impressive online portfolio, and an ISO50 blog, which rawks, because he posts about many different aspects of design as well as music news. You can check out Tycho at Tycho Music,, and on Myspace.

His prints sell for $17 dollars each, so he scores bonus points for making art accessible. I hope to have something of his on my wall soon.

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