Tuesday, February 3, 2009


So, this little guy is the product of a monster tutorial that I did over at Blog Spoon Graphics. In all honesty this tutorial was annoying, even though it looks easy. Initially you make the body and 4 legs and use the pathfinder palette to combine all of them into one. After that you have to play around with the strokes, and add strokes, which was fine.. it's those 2 legs up front that sucked. You have to paste copies on top of the main shape, and then remove the ends, then close the end points, and expand it, then cover up the chopped off ends with shapes, it's all a lot of hoo ha if you ask me, but hey, who am I, right?

(PS: An octopus is supposed to have 8 legs, so I gave mine 8, where the tutorial has 4)

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Dean said...

Great to see this finished. Glad you didn't let this one beat you!