Friday, February 6, 2009

the only domino that I've ever cared for, or was, an interior design magazine by that name. Domino was awesome because it offered so many DIY projects, decorating ideas, fabric and wallpaper calculators, green design resources, and most valuable, vendor links for anything you could think of.

Sadly, due to the shitty economy, Domino was shut down just last week. It's a sad time for a lot of people, possibly because what Domino offered was design that is available to the masses. DIY that anyone can do, and products from affordable shops... which is a far cry from the big names like Elle Decor and Home & Garden.

If it's your cup of tea, you can still visit the website and grab as much information as you'd like over the next few weeks, before it's completely shut down.


Dean said...

What about Domino the sparrow?

Mlle said...

who's that?