Friday, February 27, 2009

that'snot art!

Marcel Wanders, a Dutch design guru of sorts has come up with a surprising inspiration for a line of vases. Aptly titled "the airborne snotty vase"... this design is created by digitally capturing the spray pattern of molecules that fly out of your mouth and nose when you sneeze. After the shape is captured and enlarged by 1000x, a mesh rendering is scanned into a computer (SLS machine), which produces a replica - with an end use of a glass receptacle for flowers! (aka "vase")

Digital laser cutting has become increasingly popular and this concept takes it further, by beginning with a biological expulsion, using extremely high tech methods for capturing it and producing it, but the end result returns to its misshapen, biological form... which sort of betrays the techie methods which were used in its realization.

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