Friday, February 20, 2009

what's your fetish?

I think we all have at least one, and some are more obvious than others. Colin Christian explores quite a few of them.

I first discovered the artist and sculptor on MySpace. He creates these ginormous 51/2 to 10 ft tall fiberglass sculptures of sexy girlies with huge gorgeous eyes (among other things) and body hugging outfits. Some of his work is on permanent display at the Museum of Sex in NYC, as well as in other galleries around the US, and most recently he did a bust of musician M.I.A. for the "Worlds on Fire" Grammy-nominated artist exhibition in LA (Feb 2009).

I've always been a huge fan of comic illustration and have even toyed with the idea of being an illustrator.. so I appreciate the fantastic quality of his style (and maybe it's because I played with Barbie dolls when I was little.. who knows?)

Check him out. He has a lot of work posted on MySpace and also at Hotbox designs

I could easily see this girl hanging out with Buzz Lightyear....
Solaris series, "Cosmonaughty"
Snackcake series, 2005


Andrew B. said...

word up. Colin was one of my first myspace friends. Kris Lewis, Vera, and maybe Kirsten, have pics up of a recent show on Facebook. You prob saw 'em.

Mlle said...

Yes, well you can take ownership over whoever you like dorkus :)

Initially I noticed Kris's Beck painting, and looked up the exhibition. Then I noticed that the sculpture of M.I.A. was on his page on MS and clicked on it. I haven't looked at Vera's stuff, and I'm not friends with Kirsten.. but I'll have a look. I wasn't able to find many good pics from the show online.

A. Bartholomew said...

haha! L to the izzle; dorkus foReel. The italics were meant for 'was' - as in: i'm no longer on MS. // Are you? It's jus a landscape of invalid friend ID's (nobody tell Rupert he bought a dud, k?)