Monday, February 2, 2009

you ask too many questions!

You know those basic questions? There's supposed to be 5, but actually there's 6.
who, what, when, where, why, and how

I Googled each of these words, and waited to see what the recommended Google search was, based on those most frequently associated with the word. The results were... interesting.

who won the debate?
who wants to be a millionaire?
Whoopi Goldberg (?)

what is my ip address?
what time is it?
what not to wear
what is love?
what does my name mean?
what happens in Vegas? (love that this made it)

when is Thanksgiving?
when I grow up
when is daylight savings?
when will I die? (heavy stuff here)
when is Easter in 2009?
when Harry Met Sally (ha ha)

where do I vote?
where's Waldo?
where was Obama born?
where the hell is Matt? (who's Matt?)
where are they now? (favorite American past time)

why so serious?
why is the sky blue?
why did I get married? (ask the internet... good idea)
why do men cheat?
why did the chicken cross the road? (do people really think there's an answer?)
why do cat's purr?

how to tie a tie
how to kiss
how stuff works
how to get pregnant
how to make money
how to lose weight
how to draw
how to make a website

(all seemingly random, or not?)


Dean said...

This is Matt!

Mlle said...

Ahhh... clears things up a bit!

LINK said...

Have a look at this then:
"Who knew that AOL search logs would prove such a muse to artists? Two Dutch filmmakers follow the odd search engine entries of user 711391 as she tries to find love, escape from Houston, and kill those annoying birds in her yard."

(press link above for the whole story and the movie)


LINK said...

and link above for all of the 13 episodes

Mlle said...

wow Koen, you're full of links tonight! I'd never heard of this, so thank you. I'll check it out :)

tabbycat said...

What time is it? I wold hope most people who own a computer have some kind of clock or watch or phone or anything!

Mlle said...

Well the funny thing is that usually, a computer has a clock on the bottom right.. :P