Thursday, March 12, 2009

just curious

Where is the best place to host images online? I have some reservations of course: 1. finding out that all of my images are available to these crazy people stalking websites that I posted about a few days ago 2. people downloading my images

I like the way Flickr seems to offer some privacy options. I've found a lot of images on Flickr that won't allow me to right click and "save as"... which is what I want. I know that won't stop someone from taking a screen shot and getting it, but if you're willing to do all that to get my pictures, then you deserve them.

So I opened a Flickr account, trying to be as covert as possible now that I'm officially paranoid about everything that I do online. I'm not sure that I want to move forward and upload any more. I don't mind if strangers can see my photos, I just don't want public searches for me linking to them, and I don't want people taking them.

Any thoughts? Is Flickr the best option?


mieke said...

If you don't want people to find the images when they search you (this goes for your MySpace account and other things like Last.FM or YouTube or this blog as well) just register them under a pseudonym.

My handle is all over the internet but it's not associated to my actual name anywhere.

I think Flickr is a good option. You can even upload pictures and decide who to share them with so strangers wouldn't be able to see them and use a screenshot to use them elsewhere. I've had a bunch of pictures used for other people's projects based on my Flickr account though, so I'd keep it open.

If you want to be SURE you get the credit for the image just add a small logo or text somewhere that makes it clear that its yours. Or even splatter it across the image so they can't use it unless they ask you for the high res non watermarked version... Just a thought.

Dean said...

I think Flickr is the best option. Also you wouldn't lose quality, which was an issue before.*

Another option would of course be to put on a watermark.

Third possible solution would be to have your own webspace, and use Flash to show your images.

* there is a way to download from Flickr though, although for a casual surfer its probably not done often.