Tuesday, March 17, 2009

the pope is creepy looking

In a country where sex ed is not compulsory and many aren't even able to get a proper education, where rape and abuse of young women is all too common, and the plight of these victims with a condition known as a "fistula" is still swept under the rug.. and where the epidemic of the AIDS virus that is wreaking havoc on Africa's people... I find it difficult to understand how the Pope can say that distribution of condoms is not the answer, or even a contributing factor that could help improve the situation.

Instead he predictably calls for abstinence.

Life would be a lot easier if with the virtuous belief in god that one may be able to abstain from rape, incest, murder, and whatever terribly disgusting behavior people have been known to engage in, however, just last week I read an article how the number of cases being brought against the church for molesting children has skyrocketed.

How can the Pope sit there and preach that religion is the answer in Africa, when the people who stand inside the church that represent him and the entire belief system of Christianity are guilty of such abominable behavior themselves? This self righteous ideal that spreading the word of god will cure the world despite seeing before your eyes that life is a lot more complicated than that saddens me... with archaic ideals like this preventing even the notion of responsible sexual behavior, I believe people will continue to suffer and their situation will not change. People aren't going to stop procreating, however, if they are offered the education and resources to prevent unwanted pregnancy and disease, something valuable is offered and this knowledge can be passed on to the younger generation. Abstinence is black and white and life is not but education and self value is essential.


Mlle said...

I would just like to mention that after posting this, someone from Oregon visited my site. I checked their search terms, and they were "the pope is creepy." I then clicked the search and was taken to the Google search results. Apparently there is an entire page of links where people are writing about how creepy looking he is.

It's not just me :)

Dean said...

It's all the rage today!