Sunday, March 1, 2009


I found this website called Supermarket. I want to say straight away, that there is a lot of crazy cool stuff to be found here. My impression here is that this is a step up from Etsy, where the offerings are from start up companies, and the products range from home decor, accessories, jewelry, and apparel. Supermarket is the debut project by Brooklyn based development company Supercorp.

Here are a few things that I think you should buy (if you're a girl.. or you like to dress like one):

grey wool hat by Claudia Shulz

Aside from that, check out my favorite shop, by a company called Little Houses. I'm a sucker for these styles with their high over sized neck lines and the little extras that make them stand out, such as off center buttons, feminine detailing, and unique cut.

Interested in Supermarket? Check out Superblog

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