Saturday, March 28, 2009


I think the world is small sometimes. Before I made the grueling decision to leave Brussels I was looking for a room in the city center. I ended up inquiring with a woman but not taking it obviously. Anyway, we kept in touch a bit and I ended up hearing about a performance that she'd created last year, called "viewmaster." The concept is interesting because it's based off of an old style optical illusion called "pepper's ghost" where lighting effects create multiple reflections in a glass viewing window (one person is actually there and the others are out of sight of the audience.) This is a clip of the performance.


Ludwin said...

wow! that is one hell of a nice performance. cool stuff!!
ever since i left artschool i kind of left touch with all the difference forms of art, so it's nice see something again every once in a while.

Mlle said...

It's true. I'm bummed that I was out of the country when this was on. You should check out what's going on around you. Isn't Rotterdam close to you and supposedly a "culture" hot spot? :)