Sunday, April 5, 2009

2 thumbs down

About 3 weeks ago I was having dinner with my roommate and we started talking about animation. I'm not an animation snob, an animation know-it-all, an anime freak-o, none of the above. I like what I like, and I don't really try to take it any further than that. So, I came up with some films that I wanted to show for "Cartoon Week" that would be interesting as a story, visually and artistically interesting, or at least entertaining to an adult audience. So far, it's been pretty solid. We've watched some Family Guy episodes, Wall-e, Persepolis, Les Triplettes de Belleville, and some Animation Show clips. I'm pleased that feedback from the 2 roomies has been 2 thumbs up.

There's still some others in the line up, Tim Burton's short, Vincent, The Flying Pig (hopefully), an episode of Ren & Stimpy, an episode of Wallace & Grommit, Akira, and a few other options.which I've forgotten just now.

Tonight, on a fluke last minute decision, we decided to veer from the film itinerary (which happens when you're dealing with torrents, and slow downloads) and watch a film that we had already downloaded... Monsters vs. Aliens. This film was released in theatres in the US just last week I believe, so the copy wasn't 100%, but, regardless, it could have been perfect and it still would have been terrible. No exaggeration, this is one of the most terrible animation films that I have ever seen. Ever. I watched it to the end out of a sense of responsibility and also because I wanted something magical to happen and for the movie to suddenly change into a masterpiece. That never happened. Now it's over and instead of sending a copy to my parents, I'm deleting it.

'Tis a shame.


Ludwin said...

hahaha, i watched Monsters Vs. Aliens last week too. And i have to say that eventhough i thought it wasn't brilliant, i still had to laugh couple of times. the story of course was so thin you needed a microscope to see it. but there were a couple of funny characters and accompanying funny moments, and together with the voice acting (seth rogen as bob) it was just enough for me to sit this one out till the end.
i think i would label it: okay, but far from brilliant ;-)
have you seen:"a matter of loaf and death", the latest wallace and gromit? if you haven't, you should see it. :-)

Mlle said...

heh.. yes there were a few laughs and some of the humor was definitely adult... like the scene where the two kids are in the car and the girl wants to make out and the guy is obviously gay, so he's throwing her all these lines about "not rushing him."
I have seen the Wallace & Grommit film... it was so funny. I could watch them over and over. My favorite is the episode with the penguin. The whole train chase scene always leaves me with tears running down my face from laughing so hard :)

Andrew Bartholomew said...

I was somewhat a fan of Mosters Inc. - jus cuz my family consists of 10 children who are under 11 yrs old.

Although looking forward to it - this comes as no surprise. The comercial put me to sleep.

side note: Marley N Me makes me laugh every time I watch it!!! esp @ the end.

Mlle said...

Yah, well I thought that this would feature some of those characters from Monsters Inc. I have no idea why I thought that to be honest.

You'll most likely be forced to watch this with your 10 young family members at some point though.