Thursday, April 9, 2009

defining moments

Once I made 3 mix CD's for this guy that I had a crush on. I designed the cover art too. I gave them to him while we were in his car and instead of putting one on, he put them on his back seat and we listened to the radio. I asked him months later if he liked them and he said he never listened to them. I didn't talk to him after that. jerk.


Joel said...

total jerk! i love making mixes that are specific for that person, and if they don't listen to it they are not worth it.

Mlle said...

I know! I feel like such a freak about it because I do it as a gift, but it's like I require feed back and to feel appreciated... I feel like it's not fair for me to expect that. But dammit, putting them on the back seat and then admitting not listening to them, oh that hit me below the belt.