Thursday, April 23, 2009

feeling deflated

Today, I was heading over to some cheap-o shop in town to buy a bike pump (cuz I'm a cheap-o). I unlocked my bike and checked my tires to find that my front tire definitely has a leak, because in 4 days it has gone pretty much flat. I went to the shop anyway and bought the pump, and on my way home I stopped at a bicycle shop to ask how much it would cost to replace both tubes/tires and I was quotes 30 euros! OK, so call me cheap, (and I won't argue) but I spent 60 euros on the bike, so 30 seems like a lot!?

I know the Dutchies are professionals with their bikes, but I am not even close. I barely know how to operate the silly tire valves... and that little doo-hickie electric generator? Well I had the bike for over 2 months before someone showed me how to adjust it and make it work. I've since forgotten, so I don't ride it at night. Anyway, back in NYC I took my oma to the bike shop and it took them 3 hours to get the back tire off when they told me it would take 20 minutes. After watching 3 bike shop employees struggling with the back tire for well over an hour, I am doubtful that I am capable of doing it on my own.

So- what's a girl to do? I guess I pay the 30 euros... boo.


A Touch of Dutch said...

Is this your bike in the photo? I love the color :-) Be prepared. I've paid the same approximately for tire repair service at my bike shop. Do see if you can get a service where you come back to them & get discounts for using them. My bike shop does this, but I also bought my bike at their shop. Good luck to you!

Mlle said...

Sadly, this is not my bike. It's just a "supplement" to my tale of misfortune. :)

Good to know about the bike shops. I was considering asking around, but at the end of that day I'll just have to walk further across town with a big awkward bike.

I was thinking of trying to do the front wheel myself, since the stores sell tubes and tires but I can imagine how pathetic the entire situation would be, and then I'd be carrying the bike with the rim in my hand to the bike shop :)

A Touch of Dutch said...

It's something interesting to learn/figure out. I carry a kit with me when I go anywhere on my bike. I've just finally mastered the tire-fix-operation, but I always feel better if I take it in. And wow, do I know how it feels to lug it across town with a flat. We chose a bike shop clear on the other side of town, so we must bring it with the car if we do take it in or take 3 different buses.

Hopefully you can get a bike shop who will give similar, helpful deals. I honestly don't know if many do or not, but maybe you can even talk them into doing something like it for you ;-)

1979 semi-finalist said...

I was going to say "I LOVE YOUR PINK BIKE" But you've just admitted it's not yours - so, well, "nevermind."


Joel said...

30 euros is not so expensive. in the usa to replace 2 tires and 2 tubes with labor would be around about $50.
to replace just the inner tube is around$10-12.

learning how to patch an inner tube on your own is the cheapest, but sucks to do while out.

Mlle said...

Hrmm... in Brooklyn I paid 25 to have both tires and tubes replaced. I guess the cost in Philly is INFLATED. ha ha, get it?! "inflated" ... heh. :|

Mlle said...

oh, and Kelly, I could have a pink bike if I wanted... maybe I WILL paint my bike pink, just because I can... so there :P

(where am I going with this?)