Monday, April 27, 2009

meet some of my neighbors

One of my favorite things about living in the Netherlands is that there are so many birds! Back home I was quite the novice birdie, with my 2 feeders and little "who's at my feeder?" book. Unfortunately we don't have any suitable bird friendly spots in our teeny tiny itsy bitsy patio, so I like to walk over to the water by the house and check out the scene.

Of course I have been really enjoying spring, because there are SO many babies! They're everywhere and I've found that I have to go and count them every day or two just to see who's left, because it seems like they are preyed upon by the sea gulls and local cats. At first I was sort of gutted at the realization, but really, if you're going to enjoy observing nature, then you have to accept these things.

I think it's really cute though how when the babies first hatch they stay so close to their mother, and within a week they're zipping all over the place, exploring and chasing mosquitoes. occasionally there will be one who is a bit too brave and it goes off exploring and doesn't realize that everyone else has moved on. Once it's realized, the baby will begin chirping loudly and swimming at full speed towards them to catch up. Yes, I realize that I am a complete geek.

Anyway, this is one of the "families" that I've been visiting. They're a lot bigger now.


Dean said...

adorable photo.

A Touch of Dutch said...

Yes, this is very sweet :-) And I am a birdie too. I think we have several varieties in our backyard daily & it's so pleasant to hear them in the morning.