Wednesday, April 22, 2009

oh, the responsibility of it all....

I haven't written in the blog spot for over a week. I have a ton of material saved in my "drafts", but I just haven't felt like posting.

In news, last weekend I finally rode up to Lisse to check out the tulips. It was a nice trip, although I did it with a large group of people and frankly, at times it was a bit chaotic with people stopping without warning to take photos and blocking the bike paths. It made me think of the situation on the Brooklyn Bridge. There's a pedestrian lane and a biking lane, but with so many tourists who don't know or care about that line running up the middle, the bikers end up being really aggressive and tourists are left running around flailing their arms as if they've been swimming and someone yells "shark!" This scene wasn't nearly AS dramatic, but it had some potential. I just rode more towards the front of the group to avoid such cases and eventually most of those people were left to their maps and photos and a smaller, more laid back group managed to cruise the rest of the trip with relative ease, and no photo stops.

We did stop at one point to wait for people at a small castle and were able to check out some sort of Renaissance themed "battle", a random yet fun find, and on our way back, we stopped at the grocery store for some wine and went out to a pretty island park in Warmond to have a few drinks and chat before heading home.

Overall, out of 10, I give the day a 6.

Photos to follow.


Anonymous said...

As I've recently discovered, sometimes a blog break is exactly what you need to come back refreshed.

Every year I say I should do a bike tour of the fields, and every year I don't :) Of course, I'd be the one with the camera stopping every five metres :)

Mlle said...

heh, well I managed to take all of my photos while riding by on my bike. So I guess it's "Tulips in Action"

Di Mackey said...

Just yum!

1979 semi-finalist said...

First of all, I am totally going to start ranking my days. Today is a 2 so far, but if I'm really productive in the next four or five hours I'll upgrade it to a 5, not fun, but productive. This may become my new obsession.

Second of all, my parents totally got yelled at by bikers on the Brooklyn Bridge when we walked it. It was one of those times where I find myself rolling my eyes and being the adult in the situation - "do either of you know how to read?"

I was very grown up about the whole thing (not).