Tuesday, June 16, 2009

getting cozy

I'm sat here typing this before I wander off to my bed. In truth, my bed is about 4 feet away from me- so I guess I'll stand up, turn around, and I'll be on the bed and under the blankets in just 2 steps. There's no wandering in that, is there?

I happen to like my bed. It's really small and it looks like it was purchased from an outdated hospital ward. Just sort of plain black metal. I can't say that I would want the bed that's pictured, but looking at my bed right now and then at this one, I wonder if it wouldn't be a fun indulgence.

Tomorrow I have to be at a job recruitment agency in
Rijswijk for intake #4 and then it's straight to #5 in Amsterdam. I hope these lead to something... anything.

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1979 semi-finalist said...

Love this bed. I wouldn't normally say its my style - a little more dramatic and elaborate than usual for me, but it's really gorgeous. I think I'd love to see it in a really stripped down room with really simple modern details...