Thursday, June 4, 2009

i like this photo

Mainly due the the use of color and how the age of the fan helps to set a tone for the rest of the style. It's like a tiny glimpse of a beautiful Craftsman style home. sigh*

I have a friend in Den Haag who has a pretty 2 bedroom house (or apartment really) with a fairly large garden. The entire place is full of fun architectural details, such a pocket doors, 2 fireplace mantels, a wood burning stove... and then there's the 4 glass doors looking out over the completely untouched (but ripe for planting) garden and patio. ooh la la.

We were having dinner together just a few weeks ago, and in true form, I mentioned that she could use a house make over. She agreed, and said, "I'll pay you to do it" and awww, my heart just went pitter patter and my head began spinning with ideas and excitement (I hid this from her so I could space out the excitement and keep her interested long enough to want to really do this). We discussed a little bit about paint of course, selling her sofas, the addition of rugs, hanging art, curtains, and even - her getting a quote to rip down the wall between her kitchen and dining area. WOW.

Yesterday I sent her a proposal, or more of a presentation of images in the hopes that I could pinpoint what direction she'd like to take, and her response was pure elation and an invitation for dinner next week, to lay out a budget and "get things moving." I think it will be a bit more difficult to do this here in the NL, since it seems like the affordable shops are IKEA and IKEA and the other shops are all super expensive. It will take some real perseverance and resourcefulness. I've even thought about making a trip back to the US with empty luggage to secure some of the textiles and items that I'd like to be able to have access to within a tight budget. I guess we'll see what happens though.

I cannot explain just how excited I am about this and I really hope that we do this!


A Touch of Dutch said...

A house make-over! Great! Will be cool if you post about it, if you share here :-) I love the color of this fan too. Like candy!

Mlle said...

I know! One mistake I've made in the past is not taking photos of the before and after, so if we really do move forward on this, then I am definitely taking photos.

I'll post any updates after we meet next week to discuss the project.

(and I'm a total sucker for old fans! Make it red, and I'm giddy)

Dean said...

The presentation you put together was great, so I'm not surprised that you got the reaction that you did.

It's really exciting. There are a few really great things starting to happen right now!

1979 semi-finalist said...

This is so exciting! Congrats. I can't wait to see some photos.

tabbycat said...

I sense an excellent portfolio opportunity!

Mlle said...

Thanks! I hope it works out and we actually do this. She seems really excited, so I'm hopeful.