Thursday, June 18, 2009

night time doings

After a stressful day in which nothing is yet resolved, I decided to take a bottle of Spanish red and a glass up to my room to "contemplate life's inner workings" but I got side tracked in Google Reader and found this business card tutorial at Luxa.

What did I think of the tutorial? Very easy and straight forward, although the author has obviously taken steps in his design that he doesn't list, so achieving the same look would take some degree of intuition as you need to apply some text effects and play with your layer settings.

Finally, the author refers to the back of the card although there is no visual example. I think if a total beginner were doing this, they would perhaps struggle to design the back of the card keeping the front and back relative to one another and it may have made this tutorial more complete if the author touched on it a bit more.

decided to loosely follow the design after I had issues downloading the floral element. Instead I just used one of the brushes that I already had loaded and for all intents and purposes I think it's fine. Keep in mind folks, I do not have a design company or a logo, or any idea what I would call my business. Lola was my kitten when I lived in Brussels, and sometimes I use her name as a filler for these types of exercises.

Final thought: this was fun, easy, and possible to accomplish even after 3 glasses of wine. Not bad!

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