Wednesday, June 17, 2009

sleepy time

since I just posted that other terribly indulgent and overly ornate, yet inviting and sinful bed... I thought I would add this one. I can honestly say that I love this bed. I'm attracted to the almost luxurious yet shabby look of it... (although the duvet they're using is fugly.)

I like worn looking things and I have no idea what that says about me. I mean, I wouldn't want a whole room full of fluff and doilies at all, but a nice balance of old and new, clean lines and some texture suits me quite well. - and that's my final random thought for the evening!
slaap lekker!


Ludwin said...

all i can think of when i look at that picture is:"why don't i have a bedroom that big?!" the
that would also mean that the rest of my house would be big enough to accomodate studio to work in and a music studio. hell yeah!!
for the time being i'll just have to keep on dreaming i guess :-)
oh, and goede morgen.
how is your dutch comming along?

Mlle said...

yeah, I also noted that. Large spaces seem hard to come by here. I think you could find a room like this in Sweden. They seem to love huge apartments. Or, you could do the loft thing...

Goedenavond! (I'm not going to verify if that is correct, so I hope it is.)

My Dutch... a little bit better. I've started conjugating verbs so I can learn sentence structure and grammar, because Rosetta Stone isn't very good for that. I need to work reallly hard on expanding my vocabulary so I can bug my Dutch friends to practice with me :)