Thursday, November 15, 2007

blogger's block

I've been blogging on my MySpace account for the past 3 or so years, and I have made several attempts at starting a new blog elsewhere. I've tried it here , here, on Word Press, and some other weird blogging platform which I can't recall..

My primary reasons for failing in these endeavors are that for some odd reason, I instinctively post my blogs on
MySpace. I feel that a lot of the material that I post is somewhat personal or silly... things that my friends can appreciate, but maybe that a complete stranger on Blogger couldn't.

I also like the appearance of my
MySpace blog. I've tried to figure out how to customize it here on Blogger to look identical, but I haven't been able to.

Most importantly, I have 3 years of history on my
MySpace blog. Things that I can't import here. I would lose the comments... and a lot of that represents different times in my life, and friends that I had who I no longer talk to.. so maybe I would say there's a nostalgia associated with my MySpace blog that makes it hard for me to move on.

Just writing that line makes me think that I let nostalgia prevent me from moving on in a lot of areas of my life, not just in my writing. So, maybe making a break from my old blog, and starting this one here, one with a new look, one without a history... I can teach myself that letting go of nostalgia for something new and exciting is a good thing.

Let's see how it goes


Di Mackey said...

Hey, welcome my lovely lovely friend!!!

I hope alles goed in de grote appel.

Jon said...

You can do it!
Gird thee loins and blog away.

Di Mackey said...

Course she can ... Shannon can do ANYTHING, she's that marvellous!

Anonymous said...

I am guilty of once telling a friend that Myspace was for the socially inept. I will admit, however, to now having my OWN myspace, and what I post on my blog out in blogland also gets posted on my Myspace. I have different friends on Myspace than I do out here. Different people, different points of view. I don't know if I'm quite ready to relinquish my myspace addiction just yet either, but I do know since moving in to 'the real world' I've met some very special folk. Folk that wouldn't have ventured in to MS land. So, double edged sword? Perhaps. But you're not alone.