Tuesday, December 11, 2007

the many faces of me

So the other day I Googled myself. I wasn't surprised to find a lot of other people with my name on the first several pages of the search result. The only evidence of me on there were from when I lived in Belgium and used to post on expatica.com looking for friends and work... it is interesting though, to see what these other same namers are doing, and why they've ended up on the internet. You should try it...

I managed to find out that there's a guy with my name who's in prison and is looking for pen pals... maybe I'll write him? "Hey Shannon, it's Shannon" Actually, if I'm not mistaken, this guy is a member of Aryan Nation... why me?

Another amusing link that I found was the following blog post. Apparently, the person who wrote it has a friend with my name, and has no qualms about writing embarrassing things about them. I chuckled at the blog because it's just cute, and also at the fact that this same named friend of theirs has "penis phobia" :)


Thursday, June 19, 2003

Let's see. It's the 19th, and the last I blogged was the 15th. So I shall blog now!

Well, I think the biggest thing is that I reorganized and cleaned my room. I took down all my NSYNC stuff except one wall and like 3 posters. When I was taking them down, I became very sad. I realized that I had grown up. The only reason I'm bummed about growing up is because I feel I missed a lot. At the Institutes (my old school) I was expected to be very mature and had to uphold a lot of responsibilities. So, even though I was 13 I felt much, much older. We kept color coded schedules. We got in trouble if we didn't keep them. I don't know I just wished I could be a kid to make up for lost time.

But anyway, my room looks really cool and I like the new layout to it. I guess you'll all have to take a peek.

Hung out with Shannon M..er and Chad Gant yesterday. We went to Barnes and Noble. Looked at sex books and tried to find lesbian sex for Shannon. No lesbian sex was found. Concluded that Shannon has a penis phobia (!!!) and then went to the psychology section but got sidetracked when we passed the sex and relationships section again. Oh well. We said hi to Sly because he was working. He gave me a button. I put it on my shoe.

I didn't know Chad was really into Harry Potter. What fun! I'm going to get him Harry Potter in Spanish when his birthday comes around again, b/c he looked at it and was like whoa.

I don't have much else to say. I helped Sage have a revelation last night. The outcome was quite good.

I miss Alison. I'm going to make her a picture and send it to her. Yeah, that's what I'll do. Ta ta, I must take a shower.


Di Mackey said...

Had to giggle a little ... and the last one even has an Alison friend. It must have made for surreal reading!

Mlle said...

I know! It's funny because I knew certain friends would see why I thought the post was so funny. :P