Friday, December 14, 2007

winding down

I just got home from work.. it's nearly 3 a.m. and I feel totally strung out but exhausted. Yesterday ended on a good note. My hair appt was a huge success and afterwards, Tony and I had dinner and drinks at the Yaffa. I went home pleasantly buzzed and feeling a bit lighter.

I miss my friends in Belgium. I keep thinking about it and I wish I could make the money I make here over there. I was just telling my friend today that I wasn't even making 1,000 € a month! It's insane, and I have no idea how I survived... well I have a couple of ideas, but I won't write them here.. and no, they don't involve anything seedy. Damn Europe and their immigration laws!!

OK. On that note, it's sleepy time.


Di Mackey said...

Hey you, glad to read that you like your hair, looking forward to the photograph. You're still one of the best photographic models I've ever photographed!

It's grey here in Belgium, and finally so very cold. I've been groveling round in the dark pit of despair due to an 'interesting' situation that is too long to write here but anyway ... I took the red wine cure last night, and talked to a good friend in NZ today. Things seem lighter and brighter.

Come back in spring/summer, when you can stride about the place with all of us. It's cold now, and grey ... let's wait for the outdoor cafes to do their outdoor cafe thing, without hypothermia being a truth xo

Tony said...

That was a particularly nice time at Yaffa. Your new hair style looks AMAZING.