Wednesday, December 12, 2007

my day off

I don't have a point to this post, call it an exercise in free flow thinking.

Today has been long and relaxing, and it's not even noon :) Should I be a dork and say "knock on wood" that something horrible doesn't happen?

I cooked breakfast this a.m. (which is big for me since I'm usually too lazy and can't be bothered to prepare myself hot food) and watched some horrible early morning television. I have no idea how early risers (which I am not.. today was merely an experiment) can watch TV.

Morning talk shows are the pits. Regis and Kelly.. blegh. Their show centered around horrible holiday gift ideas.. one of which was a child's sweater with a big red fire truck on it... are they kidding? My other options were CNN, which I opted not to watch since suicide bombings don't go well with eggs and waffles. Hrmm.. then there was Judge Mathis, Judge Judy, Divorce Court, or Maury... meh

I'll have to write a separate post just to bitch about the embarrassingly materialistic holiday commercials that were rammed down my throat over and over and over... but here's a small recap: ice skating jewelry commercials, couples in cars giving jewelry commercials, snowmen who shop at Zales jewelry commercials, "show her how much she means to you" jewelry commercials... and the ultimate, the Burlington Coat Factory commercial where the little girl's reply to the age old question, "Do you believe in Santa Claus?" was... "
I believe in Cashmere" (the kid is like 5, wtf?) :P

After I gave up on that (became fed up with society) I decided to take a looong hot shower and do some personal grooming, (yes I said grooming) so I busted out the tweezers, mud mask, body lotion, and put some Christmas oldies on Despite the music, I have to admit that I'm not really in the holiday spirit this year. Well, I'm usually not... but this year especially. What I like about Christmas is the smell of pine, the TV holiday log, watching the "A Christmas Story" marathon on TBS, and hanging out with my parents. Ok.. maybe I like Christmas lights. Living in this city is rough though, it's a mecca for shopping and spending money and I just can't swallow it all even if it's packaged in "holiday cheer", and if that makes me a Grinch, I'm fine with that! I'm not the one waiting on line in the cold for a wii.

What's in the near future? I have a hair appointment at 4... something drastic is going to happen there, I can feel it.

Final thoughts? I really don't care for Harry Connick Jr.



Di Mackey said...

Photographs of the haircut?

Please :)

Mlle said...

I will... no camera at the moment :( 13+ inches gone!

Di Mackey said...

Oh lordy, I thought you were thinking of something like that but you're stunning, sweetpea, so I'm sure it looks good.