Monday, January 5, 2009

close your eyes

I have been sort of self numbing myself when it comes to dealing with my emotions about the massacre that's occurring in Gaza right now. I've been avoiding the news and avoiding thinking about it.. because it's so upsetting that no one is doing anything to stop it. Not only that, there's a general sense of denial that there is any excess of force being used... despite the fact that the death toll keeps rising, and stories have been filtering through the cracks from reporters and hospital workers that it's a blood bath.

Di has been posting quite a bit on the topic, and her words frequently leave me shuddering.

"Every morning now I wake up and immediately I wonder what the Palestinians have gone through while I slept in the peace of my world."

I couldn't have put it any other way.

What is wrong with this world?


Di Mackey said...

Sorry, darling Mlle. I can never forget people saying 'we didn't know' and so I am compelled to add my voice to the growing number throughout the world, tackling the propaganda machine of the stronger side.

I wish I could just fill my blog with photographs, quotes and beautiful days like our day in the city but I can't.

Mlle said...

Well, if I'm being honest, I look for your posts. If you weren't writing them, it would be wrong.

I read that woman's blog, over in Gaza. Made me sick.. but I'm better for doing it and seeing what's really going on.


Dean said...

Shannon told me of your blog Di. And in turn, I visited the blog from the lady in Gaza. Absolutely horrifying images, but definitely something that should not be pushed away.