Tuesday, January 13, 2009

color can change your life

I truly believe that. I found these images for the Jan 2009 British edition of House & Garden via The City Sage. These images are from a UK interior. I was sort of shocked initially by the "in your face" bright colors, but then I thought more about the environment in which they were placed. The UK is generally grey and rainy. One way to combat the effect of that depressing weather pattern, surely would be to make your home as bright and vivid as possible. I could imagine that these palettes would liven up any mood and liven up your senses day to day... not a bad idea.


Alison said...

Love the green in the first pic!

Mlle said...

I love the colors and the little rugs... how can you NOT experience some sort of energy living in a space like this? It seems over the top, but I think this could be classified as color therapy..