Sunday, January 4, 2009

a kiss

I was looking through some pictures just now, and I found this image that I took in October. I was with my parents for a few weeks - more importantly, the weeks prior to the elections. I'd grown tired of listening to FOX 5 news night after night, as they blasted Obama while praising Palin (notice I fail to mention the other guy.. because he'd become invisible after announcing her as his running mate!) Anyway, to get away from it all I had started going to this restaurant/bar to write.

On this particular evening, I was deeply engrossed in my writing and I think, must have had a serious face on. A man approached me and introduced himself. I had this immediate reaction that he was going to be some local drunkard who was going to hassle me. Instead he proceeded to ask me if he could do a card trick. I said yes, and he did.. in the end, I'd found myself sitting there laughing out loud, completely caught up in the moment.

He never asked for anything in return, instead he gave me a Hershey's Kiss and told me that he'd just wanted to see me smile.

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