Sunday, January 4, 2009

Meneer Janson

It's something of a project... to find a local "me" place. In Brooklyn, it was Smooch. I'd go there and sit for hours, sipping coffee, wine, or eating lunch while working on school assignments or reading. There was live reggae during the afternoons in summer, quirky employees, and it felt great to be a part of that.

Here I've struggled a bit, because my proximity to the town center is a bit further, and I'm not really sure if it's cool to work on a laptop in most places. I have been eying up this place called Meneer Janson since I arrived.. and I think it may what I'm looking for.

What I like about it, is the fact that during the day there are always people sitting at the bar reading, and the bartender isn't intrusive. The music is super chill, and the lighting and decor create a relaxing and cozy atmosphere.


Dean said...

its so cute. How about we go down sometime this week, you take your laptop and we'll have a drink or snack, and see how it feels?

I don't think you will know how things are until you actually give them a go.

Mlle said...

Good man. Support your household writers! Sounds like a plan :)

tabbycat said...

Have aa Absolute Citron and ginger ale and think of me!

Mlle said...

Oi Tabby, reading that was like a punch to my belly! I MISS YOU and your crazy drinks :(