Friday, January 16, 2009

lightening the load, if only for a moment

My friend Anthony reminded me today that it was almost exactly 1 year ago that he first took me to see The Rosebuds, now one of my all time favorite bands. We went out to Hoboken (to Maxwell's)... the Jerz, for the show which required the subway, then the NJ Path train, and THEN a taxi.
There were maybe 40 people at the show... no openers, and really, the stage was merely a step higher than the floor area. The band came on, and I don't know what happened.. they were AMAZING! Everyone was dancing, I was filled with.. I don't know, happiness (yes, I know, odd for me) and before I knew it, the band was prompting the crowd to sing along with them.. before the song, we'd all rehearse the lines, and then they'd start... at the end of their set, they handed out scripts for us to sing along to SIJA Line... it was so much fun. When they came back for their encore (they did 2 that night!) I kept poking Anthony to scream out my favorite song, "Punishment for Fighting" and eventually they played it.. and to be honest, I've only been to a handful of shows that have left me completely jelly kneed and filled with joy.

The best thing perhaps, about The Rosebuds, is that all of their
shows are like that. This one was perhaps one of the more intimate ones that I'd seen, but at every show, they invite you to sing with them.. the crowd interaction is incredible.

Before I moved to the Netherlands, my friend Ruth and I went to The Bell House to see them play with The Ladybug Transistor and a few others. There was a smaller crowd there again.. and Ivan was really sick. He'd lost his voice and he still managed to do an amazing job. They sang "Nice Fox" with The Ladybug Transistor, who came out with horns, tamborines, and backup vocals.. the entire room was out of control. It was Ruth's first time seeing them, and she had so much fun, and I was so happy to have been the one to bring her.

Tonight, Anthony and his honey are going to see them headline in NYC at The Bowery Ballroom, and I have to say, I am full of nostalgia (obviously) and sadness that I couldn't be there.. because it would have been wonderful to see them 1 year (and 5 times!) later, in the city that I love, with one of my very closest friends :)


tabbycat said...

Hey, I betcha a million bucks that we get to see them many times more together!

Mlle said...

A million bucks! You're on! Well.. exactly what do you mean by "many"??

tabbycat said...

And don't forget, they only played a second encore 'cause of us - we were yelling and clapping so loudly. They didn't even have "My Punishment for Fighting" rehearsed, but it was still awesome.

Mlle said...

I know... I don't think they really wanted to play it.. ha ha

I'm so glad they did though, kinda added to the magic of the whole evening, no?

Pretty soon, they're going to start recognizing you :P