Tuesday, January 6, 2009

mulch it!

I love this header for the NYC Dept of Parks & Recreation website. Mulchfest, held on Jan 10th and 11th, offers around 100 locations city-wide for people to repurpose their Christmas trees into mulch. The mulch is then used throughout the vast collection of city green spaces in planting and keeping the grounds. You may also take a bag of mulch with you for your own garden at home.

I've always been saddened by our wasteful society. We kill so many trees every year so that they may sit in our homes and make them pretty.. sometimes only for a matter of days. Afterward, the streets are littered with these trees, cast out onto dirty snowbanks and garbage piles... now somebody else's problem.

Long ago I swore to never own a real tree again, however, for those who enjoy the tradition, being responsible and repurposing your tree so that other green spaces will thrive seems the right way to close the book on the previous year and start anew.


Dean said...

As I went for a walk yesterday I saw a huge Christmas tree just dumped by the roadside. Such a throwaway industry to appease peoples needs for a couple of weeks :(

Mlle said...

I agree. Sadly, there isn't much that you can do to stop that. It's 10 times worse in the US. A lot of people don't even buy trees here.

DORIS said...

you can take christmas trees and drop them in water,such as lakes etc. they become structure for the fish, if it dosen't sink easy, tie something heavy to it, very usefull, and not wasting a tree, all tinsle must be removed.

Mlle said...

Good advice Mom! I know you've told me things like that in the past. I wonder how many people do it?