Sunday, January 11, 2009

Saturday night at our house

My roommate's wife has been staying with us for the past two weeks and tomorrow she's back to Finland. We discussed doing something nice to celebrate and it was decided that we'd cook a nice dinner at home... lasagna.

I'm a total sucker for lasagna.. specifically the kind you find in Belgium... with bechamel and a creamy pink sauce. Tonight though, was Katja's night.. she made vegetarian lasagna for everyone, and despite her own critisicms, I think it was very yummy. We drank a Sangiovese, which was fab with the tomatoes and rich flavours of the meal.. and afterwards, individual fruit tarts and dessert wine.

We spoke of talking cats, foreign objects found in food, politics, sauna culture, and other oddities not suitable for print. There was a lot of laughing, a lot of drinking, and a generous amount of warmth and friendship. Overall, it was a really fun evening, and I am sad that Katja leaves tomorrow :(


Dean said...

It was a great evening. I had a really nice time too. There seems to be a revolving door of nice people coming and going from our place, and so I'm sure there will be many more intriguing nights and dinner guests to come!

Oh, and kudos to you for choosing the desserts. I don't think my first choice would have panned out as well.

Di Mackey said...

Sound absolutely yummy and excellent :)

I told Gert to send you his one but umm, maybe this one you had is better.

It's been insanely busy here. I'm just popping out before going in again ...

Mlle said...

Miss.. M. I would love Gert's recipe... this was tasty, but Gert's was.. well it was good enough to go back twice, wasn't it? ha ha