Sunday, January 4, 2009

Things I like - The Premiere

I'm a visual person and I read A LOT of design blogs. As a result, I have a hefty collection of imagery that I classify as "inspiration". Basically that includes anything that I look at that stimulates me. I've decided that I will try to offer a couple images every day.. maybe to share with anyone who looks and also so that I can drag them out of the file where they gather dust and see them myself.... keeps those inspirational juices flowing.

This handsome baby is called the Memento Lamp. I made something like this once with clear plastic acetate sheets. I printed words and images all related to the typeface "Helvetica". I then placed the materials over glass cylinders. I'd thought while doing it that it would look amazing as a lamp, and seeing this totally confirms it.


tabbycat said...

Awesome. Helvetica is the heavyweight champion of typefaces.

Mlle said...

Tell me about it! Is that print over your bed in Helvetica? I love it..