Friday, February 20, 2009

it's "Fruit Trivia Friday"!

I have smooth and pink skin, but I look sort of like an artichoke. When you open me, I am white and fleshy, with a lot of little seeds. I taste sort of like a kiwi, but less sweet. What's my name?
(damned if I know... but I ate it :P)


Alison said...

It's dragon fruit! At least that what I saw it called in Barcelona. I found it rather disappointing though... looks so crazy on the outside but the taste is kinda bland.

Mlle said...

YOU - ARE - THE - WIN- NERRRRR! C'mon' down Alison! Spin the wheel!

ha ha

Thanks for filling me in. I tried it last night, and yes, I agree, it seems like the dieter's delight, as there's barely any sugar or taste in there. I was pleasantly surprised though, since on the outside, it looked like it had the potential to be like that Asian fruit which smells like rotten corpses. :)