Friday, February 20, 2009

it's "holy" toast

As in "blessed" toast. Back in 2004, BBC ran this story on a woman who went to take a bite of her sandwich, only to scream in horror as she saw a vision of the Virgin Mary staring back at her. (Personally, I think it looks a lot more like Brigitte Bardot.. but who's to say...) The amazing thing is that this piece of half eaten toast raised such a stir, that it went to auction on ebay, fetching $28,000!!!

The purchasing entity, an internet casino, announced that it had plans to tour the world with the toast and then sell it to make money for charity. (I have no idea if the toast would even last a year?)

Anyway, as we are a world of capitalists in one way or another, a company by the name of "Fred & Friends" came up with the Holy Toast Press, a fairly clever little idea, where you can enjoy a sandwich with the Virgin Mary any day of the week... for $4.95 at Pure Modern.


Alison said...

I actually own this... My darling Sister-in-law gave it to me for xmas :)along with shot glass ice cube trays... she knows me :)

Mlle said...

That's so funny! Did you ever try it out?

Alison said...

We did. It's works, although not as well as in the picture.