Sunday, April 5, 2009

a hang up

In my various wanderings across design sites I've noticed this trend, and despite the fact that seeing a dress placed in an image catches me off guard a bit, it does have some sort of quality that is visually interesting. Some of these images remind me of clothing catalogues, and so to see them in interior design magazines seems a bit odd. Retailers like Anthropologie sell clothing, furniture, and home goods and their catalogues and feature very similar ideals. Interior styling has gone into some exciting directions though, and I can appreciate how the period the dress is from, the color, the fabric, all of the little details help to enhance the environment that has been set before you, and in some cases they add a certain richness that might otherwise be missing. Styling is really not unlike traditional art, where the space that you work in is your canvas, and you rely on color and texture to set the tone, which is similar to any other art form if you think about it.

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