Sunday, April 5, 2009

circa 1980-ish

When I was little, my mother and I lived for a brief time on a small farm in New Jersey. My memories of this period are just flashes. We had geese, which were used to make down filled comforters and pillows. There were owls living in the barn. I had 3 cats, a big grey one, an orange tabby and a grey tabby. Our house didn't have heat, and we had to burn wood in a stove when it was cold. I remember that my mom had a lot of antique furniture and she used to sew on an old Singer sewing table. There were plants everywhere, and I remember specifically that there were ferns and spider plants hanging in the windows. We had this really old claw foot bathtub that she painted black and I used to love taking bubble baths in it.
I have no idea how long we lived there, but I like to remember that time in my life.

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